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The Safest Way to Travel…

The ultimate horsebox for difficult horses. The horses are separated by means of a full height, grilled partition, head divider, two full height grilled access doors, eliminating the need for a breastbar. The Professional horsebox comes fully padded with an over-sized rear door & reinforced glass fibre and Raptor coated wheel arch covers. With weight in mind, the Professional has an empty weight of approximately 2500kg (depending on specification).

This is the ultimate horsebox for young or difficult horses, stallions, & racehorses. A very popular option for the Professional is the exquisite sliding partition. Absolutely indispensable for transporters and studs who carry mares and foals. Effortlessly glide the partition to the far wall with one hand and back to the centre point when required, meaning there is no need for more than one person to alter the stalls. The roof padding comes as standard.

The 4 opening windows and 2 polycarbonate roof vents give ample air circulation with UK and European fan systems available upon specification.

Our one piece composite floor has been specially designed by Bloomfields and fabricated for our flooring purposes. Comprising of a double layer honeycomb GRP outer skins and anti slip coating. Benefit from our anti-corrosion guarantee on our composite floor panel. Strong and durable, this has been specifically designed with jet washing and longevity in mind.

With safety in mind the Professional has an over sized rear door for easy access with tack and water etc. The seamless under-spring ramp gives a progressive lifting pivot meaning opening and closing the ramp is effortless. We never use gas rams, meaning the weight of the ramp will not change from the day of purchase.

New for 2018 Bloomfields have designed and developed a slam locking system for the individual doors to each horse. Knowing that some travellers can be difficult this gives super easy exit and entry to the grooms area without needing to bend down in front of the horses. Double slam locks make shutting the doors effortless and safe.

The Professional is available in 3.5T, 4T, 4.25T and 4.5T giving a payload of up to 1850kg on our standard materials and more in our Monopan upgrade. The Professional can also be built on a 4.7m wheelbase AL-KO chassis which removes the wheel arches from the horse area almost entirely, or allows for even longer stall lengths if required.

Standered Features

  • 2 x External Tack Lockers.
  • 4 x Opening Windows.
  • Full Height Grilled Door.
  • LED Light & Calming Light.
  • 4 x Internal Tie Rings.
  • 2 x External Tie Rings.
  • Roof Padding.
  • Colour Coded Bumpers.
  • Full Height Partition.
  • Cargo Net.
  • Oversized Rear Door.
  • 2 Saddle Poles & Bridle Hooks.
  • Rubber Ramp Gaiter.
  • Drain Holes.
  • Padded Partition.
  • One Colour Metallic Paint.
  • Ramp Strap.
  • Lightweight Cushioned EVA Floor and Wall Rubber.
  • Plus Many More…

Optional Extra Features

  • Locking Luton Doors.
  • European DEFRA Certificate.
  • Electric Roof Fan.
  • Dual Camera System.
  • Window in Bulkhead.
  • Tow Bar.
  • Nappa Leather Cab Seats.
  • Leatherette Cab Seats.
  • Ramp on Drivers Side.
  • Monopan.
  • Horse Shower.
  • Sliding Partition.
  • Partition to Floor.
  • Extended Grooms Area.
  • Exterior Rub Guards.
  • Top Boxes.
  • Extra Windows.
  • Leisure Battery.
  • Plus Many More…

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