About Us

Emerald Horseboxes was set up by Gary Duffy, Gary has been involved with horses most of his life, been a stud farm owner himself and along with kids who compete in show jumping, he understands the requirements and needs of what horse owners require in a safe, reliable and high-quality built horsebox.

In 2019 while looking for a new horsebox, Gary realised there wasn’t many options in Ireland for quality Horseboxes, with the majority of manufacturers been in the UK.

Seeing there was a gap in the market for Horseboxes in Ireland, he went about finding the best manufacturer of the highest quality build and standard of Horseboxes available, after much research, due diligence and many many factory inspections throughout the UK and Europe, he decided the best manufacturer around was Emerald Horseboxes.

Once the manufacture was decided, Emerald Horseboxes was formed and launched to the Irish market.